Married With Children's David Faustino (aka Bud Bundy) Reveals What's Stopping the Spinoff From Happening

"But there has been one issue, a legal issue," he explains

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If you've been waiting at the edge of your seat for this Married With Children reboot, you're gonna be waiting a while.

David Faustino, also known as Bud Bundy on the famous Fox sitcom from the '90s, revealed that there's one issue that's standing in the way of fans seeing their favorite dysfunctional family back together again on the small screen.

"It is/has been in the works for a couple years. The whole cast has said yes we will recur. it's kinda based around Bud Bundy. Sony very excited about it," Faustino began explaining to Theo Von and Matthew Cole Weiss while appearing on their podcast Allegedly.

"But there has been one issue, a legal issue, that they haven't been able to get around at the moment that they're still trying to work out, which we obviously hope they'll work out, as do the fans. But if it does, you'll see it and if they can't figure it out, then you won't."

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If the reboot does make it's way into our living rooms, Faustino began discussing whether or not they'd be pushing the envelope even more than before, or if they'd have to tone it down.

"I think in ways it did push the envelope, but in ways, we've become less—some of the jokes we couldn't get away with today. You could not get away with a lot of the s--t that they said," he admitted. "I think the things that would be different—like Kelly would be in a G-string. You can get away with stuff like that. But some of the jokes…I mean, all we did was rag on fat people and women."

However, should the rumor of this project getting picked up by Netflix become true, Faustino believes there would be a lot room to have fun with it. "There's a rumor that it could end up on Netflix, and I just think how fun Married With Children would be on Netflix because you could really have some fun then. You could tell Kelly to f--k off, a lot of fun things like that."

Here's to hoping!

The show, which ran for 11 seasons on Fox until 1997, centered around the very dysfunctional Bundy family with Ed O'Neill as shoe salesman Al and Katey Sagal as his wife Peggy. Christina Applegate played Faustino's hot older sister, Kelly.

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