This Instagram Documents All of the Amazingly Corny Magazine Ads From Your Youth

Remember when Nokia phones were a thing?

By Dominique Haikel May 09, 2016 7:26 PMTags
Kimora Baby Phat AdInstagram: Ad Archives

The days of flip phones, Swatch watches and spiky hair may be behind us, but their hilarious advertisements will live on forever. If you lack your daily dose of nostalgia, @adarchives is the Instagram account you'll want to follow. The account posts hilarious ads you may remember from when you were young, flipping through your mom's Vogue or an issue of YM. Curated by @halixma and @superimposestudio, Ad Archives features nostalgic ads from Nike, Levi's and more. 

Who doesn't love a diamond-draped Kimora Lee Simmons, hawking her iconic Baby Phat perfume? No one. That's who. Let's not forget the Got Milk campaign, either. These days, most people wouldn't touch real milk with a ten-foot straw, but back then, God only knows how these celebs made it look so chic. For anyone longing for those brick phones to come back, there are some special ads below just for you. Does anyone else miss hearing "Hello Moto" every time you turn on your cell? Remember when we actually turned off our phones? Anyway, we pulled our favorite ads in case you don't have a spare issue of Teen lying around from 2001. Dig up your old Bath & Body Works body mist and get comfortable. You're welcome. 

'90s Girl Crushes You Totally Forgot About

@id_magazine - August 2000 #adarchives #advert #advertising #haircolor #hairstyle #mensfashion #loreal #vintage

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i-D - January 2001 #adarchives #advertising #phones #technology #tech #vintage

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Nostalgia Overload? Why We Just Can't Let Go of the '90s

@id_magazine - August 2000 #adarchives #advertising #advert #loreal #haircolor #hairstyle #mensfashion

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