With The Sopranos taking home the big kahuna tonight, HBO’s Thai-themed after-party at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood is sure to draw the A-listers, so that’s where I’m hanging, for sure.  

Constance Zimmer

Lisa O'Connor/ZUMApress.com

I’m on the lookout for Jeremy Piven, who hasn’t hit the shindig yet, but some of his castmates have. "I was rooting for both, of course,” says baby-bump-sporting Constance Zimmer of her two competing costars, Piven and Kevin Dillon. “But because most of my scenes are with Jeremy, I was very excited to see him win."   

Jeremy Piven

Jeff Vespa/WireImage.com

Perrey Reeves says she was torn, too. "I’m always thinking about Jeremy...He’s part of me, my heart. But I adore Kevin, too!"

So, is the Pivs' head gonna be even bigger now that he’s won two Emmys? "I’m with the most modest theater actor," Reeves gushes about her onscreen hubby. "He’s so humble and appreciates the art of acting. He was just honored to be part of this group."

Kevin Dillon

Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage.com

Dillon himself dishes that he knew Entourage wasn’t going to win because "the cameras were nowhere near us when they announced it." Here’s a tip: Next time, try going in with a more positive attitude. Dillon says he spent the day watching football and that getting ready for the Emmys ruined his regular Sunday football-watching routine.  

Adrian Grenier, Ben Lyons

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Let’s move on, ‘cause it looks like Adrian Grenier has—to yet a new blond babe. He arrives at the HBO bash with a gal in a teal dress named Robyn. Adrian squires her into the bash with his hand on her back. Maybe he and Paris are just friends after all?

And speaking of friends, Lindsay Lohan apparently still has at least two of them in Hollywood. Lily Tomlin and Mary Kay Place are on the HBO carpet promoting their new show, 12 Miles of Bad Road, when Lily is asked if she thinks LiLo, whom she worked with in A Prairie Home Companion, would make a career comeback. "It depends on the choices she makes," Lily says. "I think this was a big wake-up call for her. She’s really a good kid, and when we did Prairie, she couldn’t have been more adorable...She was very respectful and wonderful." Mary Kay echoes similar sentiments. "She's a good actress," she says. "I’m fully confident that she will [make a comeback]."

James Gandolfini

Bobby Bank/WireImage.com

At last, the don himself, James Gandolfini, arrives solo. Despite The Sopranos winning Best Drama, he looks none too happy. He walks down the purple and gold carpet without stopping to talk to anyone. "Will you talk to China?" yells one foreign reporter as he rushes by. "No," he shoots back with a scowl before heading inside. Hmmm...sore loser much? 

Filed by Cristina Gibson

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