From goddamned censors to gangsters all up in your ending, the hits (and misses) just keep on coming:

Stephen Colbert, Emmys

John Shearer/

Best Comedy:  The Stephen ColbertJon Stewart bit that involved elements such as “Al Gore’s tears” and a “private-jet sandwich” deserved its own Emmy. And perhaps will receive one on next year’s Emmy Salutes the Emmys special on Fox.

Biggest Surprise:  Underdog (but totally worthy) Sally Field won for Best Actress for Brothers & Sisters. Of course, she might have appreciated not having Helen Hayes and other grand dames mentioned in the intro. She’s not that old.

Worst Surprise:  Field apparently got censored for beginning a sentence, “If mothers rule the world...” Obviously, as far as Fox is concerned, they don’t.

TV—It's All Repeats!  We really enjoy a bit of James Spader, but can someone else win a freakin’ Emmy once in a while?

Most Funny, Most True:  Tina Fey thanked Best Comedy winner 30 Rock’s “dozens and dozens” of viewers. But we’re one of them.

Sopranos Cast, Emmys

AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

Biggest Finale Finagling:  We’re not saying the fix was in for The Sopranos, but did you see how many people were onstage at the end of the show when they won? Of course, they won! They’re, like, 75 percent of eligible Emmy voters! “If the world were ruled by gangsters...” indeed, David Chase!

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