Ryan Seacrest

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We're only one commercial break in, but we already have highlights...and lowlights!

Best Surprise:  Oh, not that Ryan Seacrest could deliver the funny in full, which he actually did with his opening monologue. No, it was that Seacrest totally went there with, "Hi, Teri," his greeting to Teri Hatcher.

Best Switcheroo:  Letting funnyguy Ray Romano do some stand-up to open up the show's first award, instead of a bunch of tortured prompter reading.

Worst Switcheroo:  Well, then they immediately segued to PrompTer-reading award presenters, but whatever.

Katherine Heigl

Lisa O'Connor/ZUMApress.com

Best Quote:  "It's Heigl!" Katherine Heigl correcting the announcer's pronunciation of her name—and letting us know that winning an Emmy, starring in the best movie of the year, being on a great TV show and looking totally hot does not mean everyone knows who you are.

Best Non Sequitur:  When Thomas Haden Church kicked off his speech by saying, "Jumped out of limousine to pee, pants immediately not fitting." We don't know what that means, but we feel better knowing the glamorous life of an Emmy winner is not unlike ours after a large coffee and an hourlong commute.
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