Michael Urie

Michael Bezjian/WireImage.com

Emmy week is a holiday around here, and the feasting begins when the celeb-infested Emmy gift and spa suites open. So, we started the week off right by hitting the rooftop of Beverly Hills spa Sonya Dakar—and got right to work. Hey, just because we're relaxing and checking out the goodies doesn't mean we're not here for serious business.

And our serious business today is tracking down Michael Urie, the adorable assistant Marc who suffers Vanessa Williams ' never-ending wrath on Ugly Betty. He visited Sonya Dakar to enjoy what he called the "pampering times three" of the Emmy suites.

Urie was also more than willing to answer a few questions about the upcoming season of Ugly Betty—until a man in a sparkly tee asked him to try on fake eyelashes, at least. Here's what he had to say:

Any romance this season for Marc?
There is. And there's a makeover—not on Marc. But it's like a beauty-and-the-beast sort of thing, if I can say that about myself. David Blue plays the love interest.

Will Patty LuPone return as your mother?
She'll be back and better than ever. It probably won't be until the second half of the season, as she's in London doing Gypsy—a part she was born to play.

Has Posh Spice been on set yet?
She hasn't. She'll be there next week. And I think I can say this...right now I'm supposed to have a scene with her, Vanessa and Vera Wang, so I'm really excited. "It's a Nice Day for a Posh Wedding"—that's the title of the show.

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