Jon Voight Endorses Donald Trump for President

"The Republicans need to unite behind this man," says 77-year-old Oscar winner

By Rebecca Macatee Mar 09, 2016 9:54 PMTags
Donald Trump, Jon VoightGetty Images

Jon Voight wants to see Donald Trump elected President of the United States.

The 77-year-old Oscar winner and father to Angelina Jolie publicly endorsed Trump Tuesday in an interview with Breitbart News, saying, ""I'm not someone who's saying he's the best of this group. I'm saying I like this guy."

"He's an answer to our problems," Voight added. "We need to get behind him. The Republicans need to unite behind this man. We need somebody to go in and reconstruct us in a sort of way, get us back to where we were, who we need to be."

Voight, who endorsed Mitt Romney in 2012 and has spoken out publicly against current POTUS Barack Obama, shared a lengthy statement with Breitbart News, in which he described Trump as "funny, playful, and colorful, but most of all, he is honest."

"When he decided to run for president, I know he did it with a true conviction to bring this country back to prosperity," Voight's statement read. "He is the only one who can do it. No frills, no fuss, only candid truths."

"There are many Republicans fighting to keep him from winning the Republican nomination," noted Voight. "You know why? Because he has no bull to sell, and everyone will discover the bull most politicians spew out is for their own causes and benefits. They never dreamed they would be losing control."

In his statement given to Breitbart News, Voight noted he was "very disappointed at the talk show hosts, also spewing out lies and propaganda against Donald."

"I pray for all good people to see clearly what faces us now," Voight's statement read. "The right vote will save our nation."

Take a look at Trump dancing and rapping on SNL in the video below.

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