Vanessa Hudgens Joins a New Girl Group in Honor of Jeb Bush—Thanks, Jimmy Kimmel

Former High School Musical star puts on a cheerleading outfit for late-night show sketch

By Samantha Schnurr Jan 21, 2016 1:00 PMTags

Jeb Bush's campaign is taking a musical note from Donald Trump's political playbook—when in doubt, usher in the singing children. 

OK, so the Republican presidential contender may not have exactly planned it, but Jimmy Kimmel took it upon himself to organize a trio of girls to cheer on the former Florida governor as he finds his footing in the increasingly competitive political race. 

In the same fashion as Trump's "USA Freedom Kids"—you know, the three little girls clad in red, white and blue costumes singing "President Donald Trump knows how to make America great"—Kimmel signed his own posse of enthusiastic singers to motivate voters.

They're called the "America Liberty Children" and they're led by none other than former High School Musical sensation Vanessa Hudgens. 


"He's just a normal guy like a librarian," the little ladies sang out proudly. "When you cast your vote, consider Jeb. Jeb is an option! You voted for his brother anyway."

When Hudgens finally made her grand debut on Kimmel's stage, the routine had approached the grand finale. 

"Don't be rude. Jeb's our dude!" the hailed in unity. "Vote Jeb."

We'll happily vote for Hudgens and the "America Liberty Children" any day. 

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