Batman R.I.P.

DC Comics

Bruce Wayne is dead!

Oh, sorry: Spoiler Alert! Anyway, somebody better call Christian Bale with the news that writer Grant Morrison killed off millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne in a series of stories called Batman R.I.P. (which, as titles go, is pretty much a spoiler in itself).

What happens? Bruce Wayne attempts to stop a villain who just may be Wayne's own father, someone we thought was dead already (see: the reason Bruce Wayne became Batman). There's a helicopter crash and, well, things are (at least) in flux for the Caped Crusader.

Still, to be honest, we aren't totally worried about it (we're betting the billion dollars that The Dark Knight raked in will help keep Bruce Wayne healthy).

Are you?

The Batman R.I.P. Poll
What do you think about the demise of Bruce Wayne?
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