Trix the Rabbit, Audition

General Mills

"Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids!"

If that phrase instantly brings back childhood memories, then you're probably currently rehashing Saturday mornings watching cartoons, picking out your favorite Trix colors and having the world's biggest sugar crash approximately two hours later. (And cavities, if you were into Trix enough).

Most adults have since moved on from these cereals of yore, preferring to start their days with something a little less, well, ulcer-inducing. But now we're all getting the excuse to reminisce on our favorite treat, and maybe to even (gasp!) eat it again. But, we should preface that this excuse comes with a bit of news for the nostalgic in all of us: Trix is upgrading its rabbit mascot!

And it's all because Trix is going natural

To be clear, the original mascot isn't getting replaced; General Mills just wants to celebrate the fact that they are getting rid of all artificial colors and flavors in exchange for real ingredients.

And in that vein, Trix is on the hunt for a real, live bunny. And they're holding auditions!

"We hope consumers can appreciate and celebrate what we're doing by removing artificial flavors and colors from artificial sources, because ultimately we're making this change for them," Steve Bruch, associate marketing manager, says in a statement. "They've been asking for these improvements on our product and we feel like we cracked the code to still make fun, vibrant colors. So this contest is a great way to celebrate the Trix Rabbit, and the milestone that by January 2016, Trix and 75 percent of our Big G cereals will be free of artificial flavors and colors from artificial sources."

The brand is opening up the gig to the pet rabbits across the country—they'll be conducting a casting call for the next three weeks, in search of the next big bunny star to hold court on the cereal boxes. It's a big moment for the fame-hungry bunnies of America, but a low point for our '90s nostalgia. Nothing against the real rabbits, but we're a little partial to the cartoon that kept us company on Saturday mornings. 

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