Real Housewives of Orange County

Mitchell Haaseth/Bravo

The economic hard times have hit The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Real-estate agent Jeana Keough (above, in green) admits times are a little tough for her right now—relatively speaking, of course.

“I plan to sell a few cars and not buy any new ones,” Keough told me yesterday from her home in the O.C. “And I’m not buying any new shoes, which is fine because I have enough shoes to last me at least 20 years.”

Oh, and she’s also been ditching restaurants for dining at home. “I cook,” she says. “Groups of people come over...Instead of spending a lot of money, we do it at home.”

Whether or not the belt tightening is going to be highlighted in the new season (starting tonight!) is yet to be seen, but Keough predicts most of the focus will be on the new hottie blond housewife, fellow real-estate agent Gretchen Rossi.

"She and Vicky [Gunvalson] have had some issues,” Keough said. “But otherwise, she’s easy to like...She’s got a big Julia Roberts kind of smile, a fun personality, silly sense of humor and a funny laugh.”

She also has...real boobs? A commercial for tonight’s season premiere shows Keough feeling Rossi’s chest as she boasts that they’re all natural. “The fake ones feel as real as the real ones now,” a still-skeptical Keough said.

Keough also said she’s still going through with a divorce from husband Matt, despite reports that he’s moved back in. “He just came home for a few days to see the kids,” she explained. “He’s back in a hotel.”

And Keough is back to dating. She’s been seeing a guy who lives in Arizona, but she doesn’t know how much longer it will last. “I haven’t seen him in a month,” she said. “He’s been really busy, but I gave him an if-he’s-not-here-this-weekend-he’s-out sort of thing. I mean I can understand somebody being really busy, but you can’t trick me.”

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