Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Madonna laments, "I'm sad about my personal life." Fortunately, she has her Sweet & Sticky tour: "[It] provides a distraction that keeps me going."

• No Doubt will start touring again in summer 2009, so get ready for that.

Kim from Real Housewives of Atlanta says she’s going to pose for Playboy and is also a member of J.Love’s size 2 club.

• Kanye West explains why he blogs in all caps in all caps: “I USE ALL CAPS CAUSE I'M LAZY NOT MAD. I TYPE WITH ONE HAND AND HOLD THE PHONE WITH THE OTHER.”

It's the battle of completely ridiculous and blingy accessories between Rihanna's rhinestone eyepatch and Beyoncé's crazytown tinsel glasses.

Gordon Ramsay has allegedly been in a seven-year affair with a professional mistress. British tabs are now monitoring the facial expressions of Gordon and his wife for any visible strain. So far, so good.

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