Robert Pattinson, Tyra Banks

Warner Bros. Michael Loccisano

• Tyra made Robert Pattinson bite her because she enjoys humiliating her guests as much as possible. Btdubs, who's superexcited for Twilight tonight?

• Taylor Swift says she reads the gossip blog, but tries to ignore the comments because "when people can be anonymous, they're vicious and it's like sixth grade stuff, like, on crack." Hmmm, we have no idea what she could be referring to...

Spotted: Madonna and A-Rod in the same city. They're totally going to do some postdivorce celebrating, right?!

• Kanye's new album, 808s & Heartbreak, is streaming in its entirety on his MySpace page.

Finally, some promo pictures in which Britney Spears looks like a real person.

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