Hugh Jackman

This week, usually shirtless Hugh Jackman was anointed the Sexiest Man Alive, says People mag. Well, duh. What we were more challenged with was who’s the unsexiest nonstud out there? 'Cause damn if Hell-Ay isn't one awful place to meet men, and an even awfuller locale to find a male celeb who isn’t a slimy d-bag. A.T. readers gave their two shiny pennies and picked the winners:

Third Place: It’s a tie! Nick Hogan and Jennifer Aniston both drew 7.8 percent of the unsexy vote. Hey Jen, feel free to jump N.H. when you’re done with John—at least you’re not out of each other’s leagues.  

2nd Place: Blake No-Longer-Incarcerated at 24.3 percent. Almost a quarter of you thought Amy Winehouse’s hubby was the best way to get out of the mood. Never thought Blakey would be this popular.

And the ultimate unsexy winner of the year is...



Spencer Pratt

John Shearer/

First Place: Spencer Pratt! The blond-bearded anti-babe takes home the trophy with a sweeping 41.3 percent of the vote. Now, we know the real reason anybody gives an ef about him: his better looking counterpart, Heidi. Enjoy five more seconds of your endless 15 minutes, Spence. We know you’re cherishing each and every one.

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