Wicked (poster)

Wicked A New Muscial

Kristin Chenoweth was divine as the good witch, remember, in the cloak-and-broomstick musical, Wicked? And now that K.C.’s witnessing some real-life evil witches out there, i.e., the Mormon Church, it appears one of her saviors will be Wicked author Stephen Schwartz.

But let’s back up first: There was a musical director by the name Scott Eckern, director of the California Musical Theater in Sacramento. He donated a grand to help fund the anti-gay marriage act, Prop 8, a pretty stunning fact, considering Eckern was not only directing tons of gay folks every day, he was using the materials authored by countless gay men and women to help himself and his organization profit financially. Schwartz, one of the most successful musical pros in the business, helped put pressure on Eckern (who recently resigned), as CMT was busy with many things. 

And now, Schwartz has been alerted to the highly ironic and unfortunate fact that the Young Ambassadors, Brigham Young University’s traveling entertainment company (which helps spread the word of Mormonism, only with song and dance), is using his works as well. Schwartz, thank the benevolent heavens above, is soon to be on BYU’s case, I hear. It’s truly stunning that folks who voted yes on Prop 8 still want to have their cake and eat us too. What idiots.

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