Cool Canada, E! News Weekend

We all know Canada is cool right?

In case you had any doubts E! News Weekend’s Jason Ruta and Arisa Cox traveled across the country to show you just how Cool Canada really is! 

Chill with Polar Bears in Churchill, Manitoba. Hit the surf in Tofino. Check into some of the trendiest hotels in Montreal and Vancouver. Do back flips with the Cirque Du Soleil Circus. Zip above the trees in Whistler, and find out where all the celebs hang out in this beautiful country of ours!

Trust me this is one show you won’t want to miss!

Keep reading for a sneak peek at the special.

Who knows maybe after watching the show you might start booking a fantastic trip to Vancouver or jump in the car to get some of that delicious Montreal smoked meat.

I take no responsibility if this show gets you in the mood to go out and see what Canada has to offer…but if it does, it’s alright to leave us a comment below saying: “I never knew Canada could be so damn Cool!!”

E! News Weekend’s Cool Canada special air’s Friday and Saturday on E!

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