Amy Schumer, Ryan Seacrest, 2015 Emmys


Breaking news: "I am so sweaty!" is the new "Who are you wearing?" tonight on the Emmys red carpet. 

So the celebs have slathered on the makeup, laced up the girdles and slid on heavy, long gowns…time to go outside and bake in the oven! It's 103 degrees on the 2015 Emmys red carpet and we have never seen so many stars ready to just ditch all the interviews and head to the air conditioning. We would have had so much respect if like, Claire Danes just ran past every single camera crew on the carpet waving her middle finger to everyone because she just wanted to go inside.

For the actors and actresses that had to suffer through the swamp, at least they all had a great ice-breaker for interviews.

"We're both really hot," Allison Janney quipped to Giuliana Rancic. "But on the plus side I think I've lost a couple pounds! It's Bikram Emmy's!"

Amy Schumer, Emmys red carpet


Amy Schumer just straight up had to wipe the sweat off of Ryan Seacrest's face because the red carpet connoisseur was dripping. But at least it was a loving, gentle rub down. The red carpet is just so much better when Amy Schumer is around.

Tatiana Maslany looked sexy as hell in her white pantsuit with very low-cut front, but even with all that exposed skin she was still willing to alter her entire ensemble to get a little relief.

"By the end of the show I will have rolled these pants all the way up… I wish they were cut off shorts!" she said. She'd probably pull a Regina George and start a new fashion trend where everyone wears cutoff shorts to red carpets.

And when Giuliana told Jane Krakowski that she couldn't complain about the heat because of her strapless dress, the 30 Rock alum was ready to show off the girls just to get some cold air. 

"I could bring it all out for some good a/c," the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt star joked while gesturing to the top of her dress.

Jane Krakowski, Emmys


Basically, Cat Deeley, who described the weather as "hotter than hades," said it best: "We should all be poolside drinking margaritas, surely?!"

Way to go, weather! You pissed off all of Hollywood! How dare you?!

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