Paris Hilton

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Every day I see paparazzi photos of Paris Hilton with a new pooch stuffed into her Chanel purse. How many dogs has she accumulated?

As of earlier this year, she faced legal trouble for having an estimated 17 dogs. But when it comes to celebrity addictions, Paris could do a lot worse than getting hooked on cute puppies. Onward now, with more of today's Burning Q's!

Does Brenda Song sing?

Yes. She recorded a song for Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior. Remember that? No?

Why does that Twilight kid Robert Pattinson always look depressed? He's in what is possibly the most hyped movie of the year. You'd think he would at least pretend to be happy about it.
—Emily in Austin, Texas

Vampires can't smile or they get typecast as ghouls. Ghouls get paid much less than vampires. (Still, they do crack their pale corpse faces on occasion; see this link here.) Go watch that True Blood show on HBO. None of the cool vampires smile, unless they're about to bite someone in a slow-motion montage or leap across a room and land on a virgin's neck.

On the Miley and Mandy Show they posted a video saying Miley died. Is it true?

No. It was a hack job. Now go over to the mall and have a cup of tea at American Girl Place. You'll feel better.

I've been reading your column for a long time now and I started listening to your podcast some months ago. I love how you research the actual facts. Do you tan?
—Monica, Baja, Mexico

No. I burn. With the fire of truth!

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