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Why do singers come out with alter egos? First Garth Brooks, now Beyoncé. What is the point of it?
—Kayla, Atlanta

It's a safe way for a performer to explore an unexpected style of music without permanently alienating hardcore fans. Country star Garth Brooks grew a soul patch and declared himself Chris Gaines so that he could splash around in the rock-and-roll pool for a while, but Beyoncé's "more aggressive" Sasha Fierce barely tiptoes outside the R&B comfort zone, leaving little for teenyboppers to cower over.

Speaking of cowering, bow down, fools, as my alter ego, the ANSWER B!TCH, slices and dices your every question in the latest installment of Burning Q's. Observe...

Who is Lady Gaga, and why does everyone say Christina Aguilera is stealing her style?

She's a big-voiced singer of tiny stature with blond hair and pouty eyes and a wardrobe consisting entirely of skintight hoodies, and I have no idea why anyone would think to compare the two. At all.

What in the heck does "cazh" mean?  I am old and out of it.
—Scott and Sherri


This question is not about Brenda Song! I heard that Pushing Daisies is canceled. Say it ain't so! 
—Chelsey, Austin, Texas

It ain't so, and it ain't ain't so. Right, Kristin?

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