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Something downright heartening popped up on The Huffington Post this week that answered the age-old question: “Whatever will Neil Young do with himself once the free world is run by somebody who is actually, you know, competent?”

In his inaugural blog post, the Canadian music icon shares his vision on where the North American automotive industry should be headed, spreading the green gospel of plug-in hybrids and vehicle-to-grid technology:

“Auto manufacturers taking advantage of a government bailout must only sell clean and green vehicles that do not contribute to global warming. No more internal combustion engines that run exclusively on fossil fuels can be sold period.”

 Holy frig! How badly do we want to see the following play out:

 ‘Sup, Big Three? Here’s that big pile of emergency bailout money you asked us for. Whoa whoa whoa, not so fast! You can only have it if you promise to change your ways and stop contributing to the slow poisoning of our planet. Got that? Groovy. Let us celebrate this fine new arrangement with the bringing together of hookah pipe and shisha…'

Neil Young is currently filming a documentary about the new dawn of automotive technology as he tours the United States in a pretty sweet ride—a 1959 Lincoln Continental Mark IV that he has dubbed the Linc-Volt.

Other high-profile celebrity bloggers on The Huffington Post include Robert Redford, Russell Simmons, John Cusack and Tim Robbins.

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