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OK, what the bejeezus is happening with Lipstick Jungle?

First, widespread reports that the show is done. Over. Kaput. Then, today, a story in the New York Times exclaims to the world that "Lipstick Jungle Lives!"

So what's the true story? Is it dead or alive? I've done some digging with sources and here's what I can reveal...

Really, it all comes down to semantics: It's not dead, but it's not alive either.

While Lipstick Jungle isn't officially canceled—NBC has not made any announcements—there also has been no indication that it will be picked up beyond its initial order of 13 episodes.

What was reported in the New York Times today is that NBC will produce all 13 of the original order to fulfill its commitment, which is the same case for a series like CBS' canceled dramedy Ex List.

So it's a bit premature to say that the series will survive beyond that. And sadly, I'm told by NBC insiders that the chances of it receiving an order for the remaining nine episodes are, at this point, "minimal." It could happen, but it would take something of a miracle.

Bottom line: It's going to take a major showing of fan support, and a noticeable uptick in the ratings, to keep this series around.

The good news? The sets remaining standing, despite the fact that NBC has not ordered a back nine of the series. And as James Hibberd explains in depth over at The Hollywood Reporter, the show remains in production for a few more days, ratings are up a bit since the "cancellation" and fan response and producer lobbying could add up to second thoughts in NBC's executive suites.

If L.J.'s numbers are not enough to keep it alive on NBC, I'm told producers might be able to sell it elsewhere. Among other things, L.J. would fit in brilliantly with NBC cousin Bravo's brand image and lineup. Better than cancellation, right?

So what can you do to help save Lipstick? Show your support by sending lipstick to the big boss:

Jeff Zucker, c/o NBC
30 Rockefeller Plaza, Suite 2502 E
New York, NY 10112

And please, take a moment to sound off in the comments below. The higher-ups are watching...

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