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Tonight's episode of Heroes was delicious, and not just because of Hiro's waffles. Claire and Angela Petrelli identified the key to the formula, star-crossed lovers Daphne and Matt grew closer together and, oh yeah, young romantics Sylar and Elle were reunited.

Of course, since last they met, Elle went cuckoo for cocoa puffs, Sylar murdered Elle's father, and they both got entangled in an international conspiracy to take over the world, but, hey, all couples struggle once in a while. Will Elle and Sylar overcome their sordid pasts and become the proud parents of a supercute toddler named Noah? Read on...


Adam Taylor/NBC


  • Sylar and Elle Are Electric: Sylar's feelings for Elle are what allowed him, for the first time ever, to absorb an ability without killing the original power-holder. (According to Arthur, his boy Sylar just needed Peter's old secret weapon of empathy to make it happen.) I think it's fantastic that there's another electric gunslinger in town, but even without the abilities I think this pairing could be very powerful. Elle has to be Sylar's baby-mama...right? In addition to the general hotness of this match, I don't think Sylar has any other lady friends who fit Zachary Quinto's description of Noah's mother being someone who is "very much alive and silver-tongued." Where do you stand on Sylar-Elle? Post in the comments.

  • Claire Is the Catalyst: Well, well, well. Lo those many years ago, when Kaito Nakamura handed off baby Claire to H.R.G., he wasn't just putting a sweet infant in Company protective custody, he was handing off the key to the mighty formula. Now, of course, Claire the Catalyst is in Arthur's clutches. What's he going to do with her? I suspect it's going to be tortuous, even if she is the invincible girl who can no longer feel pain. Don't worry, kiddo, you have the best team of overprotective dads and uncles in all the land. Hang in there.

  • Daphne's Dark Past: OK, who else thinks Daphne used to be a prisoner of Azkaban? Every time Arthur or one of his minions mentions Daphne's old life she goes white and wimps out. What could possibly be so bad? What do you think: Does Daphne fear an actual place or just a different state of mind?


  • Showdown! Arthur Petrelli steals abilities, runs creeptastic human-subjects experiments and is generally a psycho--this behavior can come to no good. Can he be stopped before he kills, well, everybody he's ever met? We find out in the upcoming batch of episodes, as Arthur Petrelli's reign of terror finally comes under attack, leading up to a spectacular but devastating showdown between the Heroes and the Villains in the last ep of this volume.
  • Power Failure: As I mentioned in the chat, one of the Petrelli boys (besides Peter) loses his power. The difference is that when the other brother loses his abilities it happens for a much more mechanical, tangible reason. Oh, and the power-loss to which I'm referring has nothing to do with next week's eclipse.

  • Field Trip: Check out this week's Watch with Kristin Show, posted below, to see more about Peter and Nathan's mission to meet the Haitian in his homeland. I can also tell you that next week we learn definitively that the Haitian is a Hero (not a Villain). The episode also explores the other big question about the Haitian: Can he restore memories in addition to wiping them out on command?


    Did you dig tonight's installment of Heroes? The comments await your review!

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