Judi Dench

Ash Knotek/Snappers/ZUMAPress.com

Longtime British actress Judi Dench has been a fixture of the James Bond franchise since her debut in 1995’s Goldeneye, yet reports are that she has repeatedly threatened to quit the series. Producer Barbara Broccoli has talked her out of it so far, saying “She keeps threatening to leave, but I will not let her!”

Now, the veteran actress’ actions have engendered a phrase that has become part of U.K. vernacular: Pulling a dench or denching, translates essentially to not following through with something, according to London-based linguistics expert Simon Billingsman.

“Let’s say a chap has had too much to drink at the pub and cannot consummate the sex act later that night. Thus, ‘Blimey, I denched the missus again!’ he might say. Or in begging off a date one might utter, 'Sorry to dench on ya, luv, but I've got the runs.' It's quite useful, and sounds somewhat obscene, which the English love."

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