Peter Facinelli, Elizabeth Reaser, Twilight

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It's not exactly kissing and telling, but Peter Facinelli likes to brag about what it was like to neck with Robert Pattinson in Twilight.

"It was great," Facinelli (above with Elizabeth Reaser as Esme) says with a laugh. "I can actually say I'm one of the few guys who have necked with Rob Pattinson. A lot of people are envious of me."

Before you get your Brokeback Mountain undies in a twist, know that it's no hanky-panky between the two in the movie adaptation of the best-selling young-adult vampire novel. Facinelli plays Dr. Carlisle Cullen, a centuries-old vampire who is seen in the flick taking a bite out of Edward Cullen (Pattinson) to turn him into a fellow bloodsucker.

What really sucked for Facinelli, however, was having to dye his hair blond for the Catherine Hardwicke-directed movie...

"I was walking down the street one time and I looked at a guy," Facinelli remembers. "He looked at me and I smiled to say hello, and he said, 'What ya lookin' at?' I was like, 'Nothing.' And he literally turned around and started following me, like he wanted to kick my ass just because I had blond hair."

He better get used to those golden locks. It's not official yet, but it's fairly certain there will be at least a couple of Twilight sequels.

Finally, Facinelli says, his 11-year-old daughter with Beverly Hills 90210 star and Dancing With the Stars contestant Jennie Garth can see something he's actually been in. As of now, they've limited her to teen fave What I Like About You and another film in which he played a blind mountain climber.

"Most of the stuff I've done in the past is for adults with a lot of gun shooting and cops," Facinelli says. "For a long time it was 'I know mommy's an actress, but what do you do, Daddy?'"

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