Stephen Colbert, TIME

Platon for TIME

Leave it to Stephen Colbert to turn even a career-high moment like a Time Magazine cover into an opportunity for self-deprecating jokes.

The soon-to-be Late Show host is fronting this week's edition in honor of his debut episode on September 8. He appears with a close-up shot and the headline "Colbert...As You've Never Seen Him." He also talks about his nerves leading up to the show's takeover and how he'll introduce the audience to the real Stephen. "The unexamined life can be extremely enjoyable, and who knows if I do know who I am," he muses in the article.

But of course, he couldn't just let this issue drop without taking a few jabs at the establishment...and himself. He went on something of a Twitter rant, but it was our absolute favorite kind: hysterical. The comedian offered all kinds of commentary on the cover, proving just why we follow him in the first place.

He started off slightly tame, as one does, simply sharing the cover with the caption "Hilarious!" and the hashtag #ISwearItsAComedyShow, poking fun at the stoic portrait. He then graduated to the aforementioned self-deprecation, saying "Platon is a great photographer," and "You can't see it from my @Time cover photo, but I'm laughing from the neck down." Oh and who can forget the classic, "I think the full name of the magazine is 'The Ravages of Time.'"

This morning he was at it again, reminding followers that despite how the picture may appear, he's actually going to be very funny come September. "This week in @Time, my comedy formula," he wrote. "Joyless gaze + bloodless lips + dead eyes=laughs!"

Well it sure makes for laughs over at E! See his entire half-tirade below.

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