Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad, Best TV Quotes

Ursula Coyote/AMC

You remember the Breaking Bad finale and how absurd some of it was—and we mean absurd in the best ways possible. Well, MythBusters is back to drop some science on us about whether Walter White (Bryan Cranston) could've really done that whole trunk/gun deal. If you haven't seen the finale yet, why not? Oh, and stop reading.

In the finale, Walter rigged a machine gun to pop out of his trunk and he saved Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) from captivity. It was a happy ending with lots of dead bodies...Jesse got away and Walter died. OK, maybe it wasn't very happy. But there was a lot of science involved. Was it real science? Let Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman show you.

The two assembled everything Walter had in his trunk—everything found in retail stores. They even had wooden Nazi stand-ins and Vince Gilligan on hand! Look how delighted Gilligan was! Did it work? Was it plausible? Watch the video above to find out...








It was plausible! Walter White could've saved the day...theoretically. Yeah, science!

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