Victoria Beckham, Romeo Beckham


Victoria Beckham, lunching at Barney’s Greengrass, the restaurant atop the celeb-sucking Bev Hills store. The stylista wore giant black sunglasses, very ant-on-steroids-like, black leggings and a headband. Vicky’s hair was lookin’ a li'l funky in that awkward short stage—it’s seriously time for another haircut, Poshy.

She was with an assistant type, and son Cruz was dressed to impress in a superhero outfit, too cute. Sat on her lap as though Mrs. David “Posh” Beckham were a normal mommy. As if. She switched tables to one in the corner, clearly not enjoying being placed next to “commoners.” Also spotted dining at Nobu in Bev Hills the night before was...

Posh Spice, again. That’s a lot of “eating” in a 24-hour period, V. She was accompanied by yummy hub-unit David along with good friend Marc Jacobs. The crew seemed to be in fine spirits as they enjoyed a mellow dinner. Guess who else was there getting her sushi fix on? Recent divorcée Madonna.

She came over at one point to say hello to the Beckham gang, ‘cause, you know, it’d be in such bad taste for one superstar to diss another. Let’s just hope Madge isn’t the relationship grim reaper, 'cause it’s been a while since we’ve seen Davey’s eye wander over his wife’s way.

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