Paris Hilton


Even though filming has wrapped and a winner's already been chosen on Paris Hilton's My New BFF show, the heiress is still hanging with a few contestants.

Early Friday morning, she hopped a flight to Miami with potential besties Vanessa, Brittany and Lauren. Paris and her party posse were on their way to South Beach, presumably for this weekend's Victoria's Secret soirees

While waiting at LAX, Paris was anything but a diva, sitting on the floor and chowing down Egg McMuffins.

But once she boarded the plane and took her first class seat, she reportedly acted more like the Paris we know and love (or love to hate). She brought her own pink blanket, a huge stack of tabloids and wore her sunglasses during the entire flight.

And although photogs captured her departure at LAX, there was no fanfare when she touched down in Miami. No paps were waiting and no fans asked for pictures or autographs.

Think she was disappointed? And will P. be PO'd that frenemy Kim Kardashian is in town, too?

For all the South Beach scoop straight from Hollywood Party Girl, check back this weekend.

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