Quantum of Solace, Olga Kurylenko, Daniel Craig

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The crowds will surge. The popcorn will flow like water. Yes, tonight marks another blockbuster Bond opening.  And all you eager movie buffs can take solace in more than just another epic trip to Double-O heaven. Be proud—James Bond’s original drink of choice was all-Canadian!

E! News Weekend recently caught up with the newest Bond, Daniel Craig, and talked about the series’ latest stiff drink.

Keep reading for the video!  

It was in the 1958 novel Dr. No that Bond took a short break from saving the world to pour himself a tall, ice-filled glass of Canadian Club whisky and soda.  Ya, eat your heart out vodka martini! Dr. No went on to become Bond’s cinematic debut in 1963 starring the much-loved Sean Connery.

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