Helio Castroneves

AP Photo/David Adame

The judge in Hélio Castroneves' federal tax-evasion trial isn't ready to hit the brakes just yet.

U.S. District Judge Donald A. Graham this morning denied a motion filed by the race car turned Dancing With the Stars champ's lawyers seeking to push back the trial's start date from March 2 until November of next year.

"This Court attempted to satisfy all attorneys in the case by having them consult their work calendars, personal calendars, etc," the decision reads. "Since that date was agreed upon by all counsel, it will not be altered." (View the document)

The embattled IndyCar driver sought the continuance in order to maintain a full racing scheduled over the next year.

Castroneves argued in documents filed in Miami federal court that it would be difficult for his team, Penske Racing Inc., to replace him and would prove "catastrophic" for the driver himself, effectively robbing Castroneves of a chance to compete in the 2009 IndyCar series.

The Brazilian speed demon has pleaded not guilty to hiding more than $5.5 million in earnings from Uncle Sam between 1999 and 2004. He is currently free on $10 million bail.

—Additional reporting by Claudia Rosenbaum

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