Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green Divorcing: Highs, Lows and the Signs Their Relationship Wasn't Going to Last Forever

Parents of two were together for 11 years and married for five, and Fox dropped some clues that she was in the moment but may not have been in it for the long haul

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So the split stuck.

Megan Fox filed for divorce from Brian Austin Green today, barely 48 hours after news broke that they had recently separated.

Their date of separation? June 15, as noted in the divorce petition. Nine days before their five-year wedding anniversary.

Oh, the agony of defeat!

But not really. No one's a loser. Marriage can be tough, and these two certainly didn't rush into anything. They were together for six years before tying the knot, so really their union was as long as some of the longer celebrity couplings that we mistakenly took for unbreakable bonds. And in that time together, during which they had two sons, Noah and Bodhi, Fox and Green experienced plenty of the bittersweet fruit that love has to offer.

And though we had gotten used to these two being together, we aren't entirely shocked by their breakup. Here's a timeline of their ups and downs, including some clues that their marriage wasn't meant to last forever:

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Love at First Sight?: "I didn't know who he was, since I was too young for Beverly Hills 90210," Fox recalled in the March 2012 issue of Cosmopolitan about meeting her actor hubby (when she was, like, 18) on the set of her sitcom Hope & Faith. "But the first time I saw him, I got butterflies. And the first time he casually touched me? There was so much electricity."

And so the future object of so much lust started out as the one doing the lusting.

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Engaged!: We'd say not for long, but it was for actually quite long. Green popped the question in 2006 and they remained betrothed until February 2009, when they called the whole thing off.

On Second Thought...: They reconciled a few months later and were engaged again by early 2010.

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Let's Do This: The comely couple quietly made it official on June 24, 2010, tying the knot in Hawaii, far from prying eyes. (How times have changed...)

"I've never been more sure of anything in my life," Green told Us Weekly after the nuptials. "It was the absolute perfect start to what we hope will be an amazing life together."

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Newlywed Bliss: Come on, just look at these two, here cuddling up at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards that August.

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Oh, Shia: We had no idea what sort of havoc Shia LaBeouf would eventually wreak, but in 2011 he implied to Details that things got romantic between him and Transformers co-star Fox, with whom he shot the 2007 blockbuster and a 2009 sequel. Which would put this alleged dalliance post meeting Green but (judging by how long it took to edit those films after shooting but prior to release) not necessarily mid-engagement. Fox, meanwhile, never officially gave this entirely unnecessary revelation the time of day.


Family Planning: Son Noah Shannon Green is born in September 2012. He joins half-brother Kassius, Green's son with ex Vanessa Marcil, in the family fold.


Never a Great Time: Green had been tangled up in litigation with Marcil over an unpaid loan when a judge dismissed the suit in October 2012 and ruled it OK for her to seek attorney costs from her ex.

Bumps in the Road: "We've had obstacles, and we've overcome them," Fox also said in that 2012 Cosmo interview. "I truly feel like he's my soul mate. I don't want to sound corny or cliché, but I do believe we are destined to live this part of our lives together."

In hindsight, it's entirely possible that Fox wasn't thinking about happily ever after—not that she had already decided against it or anything. We applaud her ability to live in—and seemingly relish—the moment, having no idea it sounded as though "this part" would have an end point.

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Still Crushing: "I believe he's my soul mate," she gushed again about the meant-to-be factor, here in the March 2013 issue of Marie Claire U.K. "But that doesn't mean it doesn't take work, because we are very, very different."

She also told the mag, "All I wanted to do my whole, whole life was have a baby and, now, I've finally done it. I just want to give Noah as much of myself as I can."

That would also certainly indicate that her marriage had served its purpose, no matter would happened in the future...


Baby Boon: The couple happily added to their brood, welcoming son Bodhi in February 2014.

I will give you roots and I will give you wings.

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What Does "Everything" Mean?: "You have to be with someone who loves you at your absolute worst, because you can't be an actress every moment of the day forever. Brian and I have done everything you can do to ruin a relationship and we still love each other," Fox said in the August 2014 issue of Cosmo. "I don't want to be boastful and say that we would never divorce, but I can't imagine a scenario we couldn't work through."

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Making It Work: "You can't live in a fantasyland and think that everything's going to be perfect all the time," Fox, on a publicity tear for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, told Men's Health in August 2014. "You will go through phases where you're just not getting along. You're not communicating well. That's going to happen, and it's going to feel impossible to you sometimes. It might not even make sense to you sometimes. Arguments are normal. You have to be patient and sit through that and remember that this is a part of human communication and interaction. You're going to have these conflicts with anyone. It's not necessarily just that person."

Is she a Goop fan? Because the, um, candor about the marital rough patches were starting to remind us of Gwyneth...

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Winter Is Coming: "[Noah, 2] sleeps in bed with us, so there's really no way," she said, talking about their sex life, during an appearance on The View in August 2014. "Brian doesn't get any intimacy whatsoever," she then reiterated a day later to Entertainment Tonight. "Brian isn't a fan of this situation," the bombshell said in yet another talk show interview that week too.

We get it, two little kids, busy schedules, sweet little son wants to sleep with mommy and daddy... But no. Maybe she was exaggerating, or the situation wasn't as one-sided as how it came off, but if that was an accurate portrayal... that's never a good sign. It just isn't.


Arm's Length? The couple escaped the L.A. "winter" by jetting to Hawaii for a few days in January. They were all smiles, but was this also a work trip? As in, working on their relationship?


Who Knew: They were last seen in public together on June 9, six days before their official date of separation, holding hands after lunch in Beverly Hills.

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