Six Feet Under Finale


Around here, we like to let the people speak.

But sometimes, they are just bats--t insane. 

How else would you explain that in our Official Ranking of the Best and Worst Series Finales of All Time, which was determined via E! Online user votes, Six Feet Under does NOT rank as number 1? In fact, nowhere near it?

Were you all raised in a barn that had no HBO in 2005? If so, deepest apologies, totally sorry for your loss, and you are hereby invited over to binge-watch the full series this weekend. 

This iconic and impeccably cast (Peter Krause, Michael C. Hall, Frances Conroy, Rachel Griffiths, etc.) drama aired its season finale exactly 10 years ago today, and we'd just like to take a minute to say:

 No series finale has ever come close to the insane perfection of Six Feet Under.

You fellow fans do remember Alan Ball's poetic, genius concept for the final 6 minutes, in which the series--which yes, had always centered around death and a funeral home--flashed forward to show how everyone died? With Claire Fisher (Lauren Ambrose) driving away from Los Angeles andSia's "Breathe Me" playing?

Talk about some closure. That's how you do it, David Chase! And, bonus: A hidden cameo by Chris Messina we had totally forgotten about. (Yep, sorry, Mindy Lahiri, but Lauren Ambrose had him first and has already lived a full and beautiful life with him.)

In case you need a refresher, here's the scene again which I've just watched on repeat while enjoying a very solid ugly cry. (You can watch a higher-res version on YouTube.)

P.S. Kind of ironic that Michael C. Hall starred in the best AND worst series finale of all time, right? #NeverForget #LumberjackNightmares #StillWantADoOver

Now how about a revote?

Six Feet Under Finale
Six Feet Under finale

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