Angelina Jolie

NBC Photo: Virginia Sherwood

For the second British interview in a row, Angelina Jolie is talking about whittling down her film career into nothing. Will Jen Aniston declare this "not uncool"?

We've been knocking Britney Spears for her overly photoshopped album art, but it turns out Brit's got nothing on Whitney Houston's new album cover.

Barbara Walter's year-end Most Fascinating People interview extravaganza will include such intriguing people as Miley Cyrus, Will Smith, Tom Cruise and Michael Phelps. The whole episode should just be Suri Cruise and Robert Pattinson's hair.

Kanye West's not even happy with MTV when he wins awards. Also, he was put on this earth to be "the voice of this generation." The fun never stops with this dude.

Seriously, who does Gwyneth Paltrow think she's kidding with this GOOP stuff?

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