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Shy sweetheart Marjorie is gone from America's Next Top Model, but before she shuffles off the stage for good, she told us about those scandalous shots (of alcohol), the bathtub scenes and why her exit reminded her "about the idea of getting your nose broken." Whaaat?

Letting Go: Marjorie was always the most neurotic about her reality-show stardom of any of this cycle's contestants, so it makes sense that by the end, she was ready to move on. She told me, "I was a little worn out in the competition...Actually, the best way I can describe it, you know how when you're young, you've never gotten beaten up, and you fantasize about the idea of getting your nose broken, maybe? I don't know, it's the idea of never having gone through it and being scared of that ever happening, and once it's happened, you're not scared of it anymore." I'm not sure if that's thoughtfully honest or just disturbing.

Our Drama's Better Than Your Drama: Every cycle of Top Model is chock-full of snark, but Marjorie asserts that at least this cycle's arguments had some substance. She said, "Our fights were really about kind of sophisticated things, about language barriers, or cultural barriers, kind of heavier issues than a granola bar in another cycle. It wasn't as catty as I expected."

Scandal Shots: Marjorie says the storylines about her drunkenness and overexposure were blown totally out of proportion, and actually, "I don't think Analeigh would ever admit this to anyone, but I think she just got a little overprotective. I really was not that drunk; it was mostly editing. I mean I did consume alcohol, but it was really a small amount over a couple of days." As for the much discussed shots of her in the tub, Marjorie said, "There's no real reason not to take a bath together. We see each other naked all the time, having to do photo shoots, changing every morning in front of each other—there are no doors. It was kind of very natural. I had no idea McKey, Samantha and Sheena felt that way."

ANTM, Analeigh, Samantha, McKey, Marjorie


Who Will Win? According to Marjorie, Analeigh is the frontrunner, followed by McKey and then Sam. M said, "I'm definitely rooting for Analeigh. I definitely think she has a great chance of winning—she's a great runway model. And I definitely think McKey might win, just because she's just got such a versatile look, and she books every client she goes to. Sam, I think she's a great model. I'm not sure she'll take the win, but it's definitely possible. My prediction for the final two is Analeigh and McKey."

And your prediction for the final two? Post in the comments!

—Additional reporting by Natalie Abrams

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