Sarah Palin, Saturday Night Live

NBC Photo: Dana Edelson

Gasp! Could the barracuda, pit bull, "Thrilla from Wasilla" hockey mom Sarah Palin be guesting on Desperate Housewives? According to the New York Post today, Marc Cherry wants to put the former veep nominee in the season finale.

They say politics is show business for ugly people, but Palin in smokin', so could this be a move toward her ultimate destiny?

Survey says: Nope, no Sarah Palin on Desperate Housewives.

In fact, two different ABC reps tell me there is absolutely no truth to the rumor. Plus, not one of my inside ABC and Desperate Housewives sources has heard word one of any plans for Palin to guest star. Darn—I would have loved to get Edie or Bree's take on the governor of Alaska's moose-hunting prowess.

Still, Palin does have a certain star quality, doesn't she? Where should she appear? Guest slot on Tina Fey's 30 Rock? Soap-opera cameo? Pitch your ideas in the comments below!

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