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Good news for those of you dying to know if George Clooney will actually come back to ER as rumored: You are not alone. The cast is just as clueless as we are.

"I'd love to know!" Linda Cardellini tells us. "They don't tell us anything about the real story of what's going on, and I think we'll be the last to know."

OK, but then how do you explain Noah Wyle telling TV Guide that George (and also Eric LaSalle) will be back before the series ends this May? "Oh, wow," Linda says. "If he did, I bet he's in trouble."

Insiders say ER has only six episodes left to shoot, so if Clooney is going to appear, the deal needs to close soon. NBC still has no comment on the Clooney rumors; however, John Stamos did tell Extra today that Clooney was the reason he did ER in the first place: "I was at lunch. I wasn't at lunch with him, but we were sitting and he said, ‘You should go and do ER.' " So maybe Stamos can get Clooney back? Anyone know where George is lunching?

Meanwhile, Linda hints at a big throwdown that just happened on set...

John Stamos, Linda Cardellini

Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images for the NHL

"I kind of had a big Sam and Shiri battle on set," Linda reveals, referring to Shiri Appleby's new character, Daria Wade, an intern who is nervously flirting with Gates all the time. "I just finished working on that, but there's going to be a lot of friction there. Neither Sam nor Tony are perfect people, and he's a little less perfect than I am."

"She's kind of interrupting, right?" she says of Daria.

Still, Sam will be playing house with Gates for the time being. "Yes, I'll be making pancakes for a family in one scene, which is new to me. So we have a little bit of a family going for a little while, but it's a drama, not a comedy, so things don't go smoothly for very long."

Want Clooney back? Want Gates and Sam to stay together? Do tell.

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