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When celebrities get wax replicas made, do they go in and get all the measurements taken—or how is it done?

The stars don't "go in." The wax artists from Madame Tussauds museum travel to the celebrity's location and pray that the star knows how to sit still. Take Carrie Underwood. "A couple of people met us out on the road and like did a lot of measurements, a lot of picture taking," she told the Oklahoman. "I had to stand still for a long time."

Who's the mastermind behind a celebrity who has a hit with a new style or trend? Take Posh's short hairdo—was it her idea, her stylist's, someone else's?
—Jennifer in Oregon

Usually stars leave the overall direction to the guy with the scissors, approving or disapproving only once a proposal is on the table—unless their new coif is connected to a movie or TV role. In the case of Victoria Beckham's world-shattering pixie cut, the change was apparently a collaboration: "It was clear that we had to go short and create a new look that embraced her beauty, great personality and body," hairstylist Garren has said.

When a celebrity appears on a magazine, do they get paid for their appearance? If so, how much?
—Olsen Girl

If there are "exclusive pictures" of a baby or a wedding accompanying the interview, than chances are, money changed hands. Otherwise, probably not.

I'm not sure why I care, but will you tell us what you know about Evan Rachel Wood—since dating Marilyn Manson, she's gone with black hair, black clothes. Now that they're over, do you think she'll change?

It's possible. The goth may be contagious, but it is also curable—right, Angelina Jolie?

Do you think the "degaying" of ABC shows like Grey's Anatomy has anything to do with the recent California banning of gay marriage? The timing seems awfully convenient, don't it?

I would join you in the conspiratorial chin-rubbing, but Brooke Smith got news of her canning in mid-September, more than a month before Prop 8 was approved by California haters, I mean voters.

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