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Oh, Brandon. Didn't your mama teach you not to sound too excited when someone mentions your sister might be sick?

Apparently not, because Jason Priestley said this when asked today about the unconfirmed (and possibly totally untrue!) rumors that his former onscreen sister Brenda Walsh (Shannen Doherty) might have a serious and possibly fatal health issue on the CW's 90210:

"Oh my goodness! This is all news to me, but that's fantastic. Wow, that [would be] awesome. No, they haven't given me anything yet. I don't even know if the episode is written yet! But I love those rumors. That's juicy stuff."

After hearing Jason's reaction to that potential plot twist, I sort of hope Brenda is dying! He makes it sound so exciting!

Still, no telling whether it's true. CW sources tell me that Brenda does have a secret—we don't yet know what—and it will be revealed very soon.

Jason will be directing the 18th episode of 90210's current season sometime after Christmas. He says he chose to work behind the camera, rather than reprising his role, because "There really wasn't anything interesting for me to do as Brandon on that show. As the director who directed the most episodes of the original show, I just had more to offer as a director." (Jason's also directing five episodes of The Secret Life of the American Teenager this year.)

So what does J.P. think of the reveal that Dylan, not Brandon, is the father of Kelly's son, Sammy? He says, "I'm not the baby daddy. How 'bout that?...If that was Brandon's child, I think Brandon probably would have stuck around. I would hope so, anyway." Awww...Kelly, girl, you picked the wrong man!

My Name Is Earl

NBC Photo: Trae Patton

Priestley answered these fun 90210 Q's while doing press for his upcoming guest stint this Thursday on My Name Is Earl (which you can get a sneak peek of below). The episode looks stellar, so be sure to check it out.

Priestley is playing Earl's cousin, a "professional backpack model" (love) named Blake. But word is, his character was originally named Brandon.

"They changed it," Jason explains. "I think that they thought it was going to be just a little too cute."

Jason's episode of My Name Is Earl airs Thursday at 8 on NBC.

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin

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