Brad Pitt

• Brad Pitt wound up with an overenthusiastic security guard at a screening of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button last night. The dude used some paparazzi dramz as an excuse to get frisky with Brad, all while clutching a brochure for a karate studio in his teeth. As you can see, Brad did not approve.

• Robert Pattinson's appearance at a mall in San Francisco caused a mini riot of teen girls resulting in at least one being trampled, one fainting and one suffering a broken nose.

• Madonna's reported 12 rules of child custody are pretty strict, and include fun-killers like no spiritually unsound toys, no introductions to Guy's lady friends and no newspapers, TV or DVDs.

Why are Miley Cyrus and Underwear Dude hanging out with Stephen Baldwin? That seems a little strange.

Esquire challenges themselves by seeing how many times they can call Vince Vaughn fat in their cover story.

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