Jason Bateman and Nicole Richie face off in the hilarious "Name That Thing" segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Jimmy Kimmel reveals obscure objects on a revolving podium, and the two stars have to figure out what it is, write it down on a whiteboard and present it to the host. 

Right off the bat, Nicole tries to cheat off of Jason's answers.

She proves all of our first grade teachers' stern warnings of "cheating isn't worth it because your partner's answer might be wrong" when they both confuse a barometer for some sort of liquor-holding device. 

Bateman winds up with one correct answer, when "it opens something" qualifies as close enough for "a sprocket wrench."

Richie also had one correct answer, with "sea urchin pinktip surprise" passing for "sea anenome."

With the game all tied up, Kimmel takes it into extra innings. 

For the bonus round, the two have to write down as many dinosaurs they can think of in 30 seconds. 

Bateman logs five. Richie also gets five, but includes "dilopolsoris," "something rapter" and "something that starts w/ a v." 

Kimmel makes the final call, "I'm sorry, Nicole, but that seems like a lot of bulls--t," giving the game to Bateman. 

Jason Bateman was there to promote his upcoming horror film The Gift—out Aug. 7—and Nicole Richie to promote her show Candidly Nicole—new episode airing tonight. 

Jimmy Kimmel kept things serious and heartbreaking earlier this week when discussing Cecil the Lion's murder—watch:

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