Milo Ventimiglia, Adrian Pasdar, Heroes 3.01: The Second Coming

NBC Photo: Chris Haston

Who's putting the fun in dysfunction family? The Petrellis, that's who!

Something tells me Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) and Adrian (Adrian Pasdar) will be in need of some serious therapy when they learn exactly what went down between Mommy and Daddy and why Daddy was presumed dead for so long.

So what did we learn? And what comes next? Keep reading only if you've seen tonight's episode of Heroes, and get an added bonus of scoop from the stars themselves on what lies ahead...


Daddy Petrelli Isn't Evil. He is eviilllleeee, like the fruits of the deviilllleee. Arthur is everything we feared HRG was in season one?a malicious, villainous mastermind who has plans to off his offspring and repeatedly wipe his wife's mind. Don't think he'll be winning Father of the Year any time soon!

Proof Positive That Your Family Isn't That Screwed Up: Did your mother kill your father after he hired some goons from Vegas to kill you? If not, you have good reason to call your parents and say "Hey, thanks!"

Sylar Loves Peach Pie! See, you silly heads, all along you thought he was eating brains and he just had a hankering for some delicious fruity yumminess baked inside a flaky golden crust! Elle's peach offering symbolizes something more: Heroes' producers are trying to woo Pushing Daisies creator (and former Heroes writer-producer and Ned the Piemaker mastermind) Bryan Fuller back into the Heroes fold. And sources have confirmed to me that Fuller will go back to Heroes to help finish out the current season if Daisies isn't picked up. Color me conflicted. You? 

Remember When This Show Was Awesome? Tonight's whole "One Year Ago" trip down memory lane with footage from the pilot was a nice reminder of what we once so loved about this show: Relatable people with related stories doing extraordinary things. Here's hoping they can bring back more of that in future episodes, 'cause personally, I likey.


Why ask me when you can ask the cast? In the exclusive video clip below they reveal a few highlights of what you can expect in coming episodes (did Tim Kring say something about a death?), plus read on for what my sources tell me...

  • Angela's mind is still trapped inside her comatose body. Wouldn't it be convenient if we had a hero with the ability to enter someone's mind and read their thoughts? Well, I'm hearing Matt and Daphne are on the way...
  • Next week one Hero begs for death. Another Hero has the power, and perhaps the motive, to do put that first Hero out of his or her misery. Could Hero-icide actually happen? OK, maybe, but what abotu when the Hero who wants to die is the totally awesome Kristen Bell?
  • We'll learn next week that the formula is incomplete. There are the two parts we know about, but Suresh discovers a third element he calls "the Catalyst." What is it? More like?who is it? Dun-dun-dun! My money's on the blonde chick in the skirt who's the key to saving the world!
  • It's hard out there for a precog. In an upcoming episode things pretty darn get hairy for Usutu. What does this show have against people who can see the future? And an even better Q: If they can see their own death before it happens, why can't the prevent it?

What did you think of tonight's episode?

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