Madonna, Alex Rodriguez

Brian Zak/Sipa Press via AP images; Kevin Mazur/ Getty Images

As everyone knows, Madonna's currently not so hot on ol' England. She associates it with dumped hubby Guy Ritchie, along with that trademark British fog, which must be what M was in when she stupidly didn't get a prenup from Guy.

Nevertheless, there are still certain things U.K. Ms. M cannot live without—even as she's awash in A-grade graft from current hunky Latino lover, A-Rod. And not just a great batting average, we are told, but a Rolls-Royce, too. Read on:

As anyone who's listened to the Detroit-born broad lately has heard, that diction of hers, which sounds like she pulled it right out of Margaret Thatcher's ass, has only gotten more distinct since she started her tour outside Great Britain. Also, word from Madonna-ites who witness almost every one of Queen M's face tinkerings (trust, that be a lotta tinkering) is that A-Rod gifted Madge with, yes, a Rolls-Royce.

No word, as yet, from Camp Madonna, on whether or not it's officially true, but certainly would explain the dramatic staging of a Rolls in the girl's Sticky & Sweet tour. Like stud piece, like showpiece, right?

Also, much more fer sure-fer sure from Madonna's looser-lipped set is that Guy was supposed to keep his trap shut about the split until after Sticky wrapped, but he just somehow didn't feel like doing his bossy wife (particularly when she's getting extravagantly gifted, in so many ways, by her boyfriend) any more favors, therefore, the sudden press release.

And folks think Madge always controls her men? Not entirely.

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