Jaden Smith, Scarface Video

Jaden Smith is a true artist. 

That time he wore a batsuit to the Kimye wedding? Artistry. That time he wore a dress to prom? Artistry. That time he said school was for losers? Pure, unadulterated artistry.

For those who are still a little unsure about his creative cred, just know that he is also a bona fide rapper. Take Exhibit A, his new rap song. Taking after the likes of Drake and Kendrick Lamar, Jaden dropped the new track and the accompanying video without prior warning, announcing it all on his Twitter page. As can be expected from the person who once spoke the words, "It's proven that how time moves for you depends on where you are in the universe," the music video is really...something. There aren't a whole lot of other words to describe it, besides very very Jaden Smith-y. 

Watch the video for yourself below, and then see why the track is so very Jaden.

1. The song is called "Scarface." We repeat, Scarface. Sure.

2. It was directed by Moises Arias, a.k.a. Rico from Hannah Montana. He's 21 years old, because of course he is.

3. It was announced with the tweet Whoever Hasn't Seen My New Music Video Should Probably Peep.

4. The video opens with a man in a poncho flying Batman-like onto a wall.

5. Jaden is wearing three shirts (of ascending length) and a pair of meggings.

6. Jaden is wearing a single driving glove.

7. Jaden is drinking out of a coffee mug the size of a watering can.

8. Jaden is accompanied in the video only by the Batman-like individual scurrying around on all fours.

9. The lyrics include the line, "No past, no future, Lex Luther."

10. The lyrics include the line, "Look at the carpet, it's burgundy."

11. The lyrics include the line, "Why did you lie to me? Why did you, Bruce Lee? John F. Kennedy, who?"

12. Jaden dies at the end of the video.

13. Jaden dies right after rapping the lyrics, "The government be killing me."

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