Cheesecake takes over internet


What makes an Internet sensation? First of all, by sheer technicality, it has to be something that thousands—nay millions—of people are obsessed with.

And second, it (usually) has to be really, really weird. Like the Belly Button Challenge or the Charlie Charlie Challenge. But this latest sensation is neither a challenge nor very weird at all. In fact, it's a cheesecake.

That's right...a cheesecake. 

Almost 1.8 million people have viewed this cheesecake that's poised to take over the interwebs. So what's so special about it, you ask? We're not really sure.

What we do know is that Youtuber Ochikeron posted a tutorial to make what is dubbed as a three-ingredient soufflé cheesecake all the way back in the May 2013, and for some reason it's gone completely viral recently. We'll give the Internet this: It does look pretty darn good. And it's impressive that it's made with merely egg whites, chocolate and cream cheese. It's basically dessert magic, which is always fascinating. (Dessert, that is—magic is only sometimes fascinating.)

But still, it's a cheesecake video from over two years ago. What gives? We may never find out, but in the meantime it wouldn't hurt anyone to go and eat some cheesecake ourselves just to get in the spirit of things. Or we could try to make said three-ingredient cheesecake, but let's not go that far with things. 

Check out the video sensation for yourself below.

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