Antonio Sabato, Jr.

Kayte Deioma/ZUMA Press

The Soup audience is filled with benevolent females, and ladies, it’s time to marshal your forces and let the giving begin. Why? Because Antonio Sabato Jr. Needs Your Love. This cry for help is based on the open casting call for his new VH1 show, which demands “the most alluring, seductive and exotic single women to embark on the romantic adventure of a lifetime.”  

To be clear, “one femme fatale will become the envy of all others and attain the love of Antonio Sabato Jr.” There you have it. “One of the worlds most sensual, exotic and sexy male heartthrobs” will love you. It’s for real.

Bear in mind that this unbelievably sexy man-package comes with two children and a career that’s banking on finding someone to love, which may or may not involve supporting Antonio in ways unnamed. If you’re still interested, click here and see if your love has what it takes to kick the ass of other women’s love for the exotic man that is Antonio Sabato Jr.

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