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Praise to the music Gods, the new Sam Smith and Disclosure track is finally here!

A few weeks ago the duo announced that the rumors of another collaboration were true, but fans were left to speculate about any actual details of the song. Well speculate no more!

The song is called "Omen," and it's just as Disclosure-y and Sam Smith-y as you'd expect. The group also dropped the video as well, so there's all sorts of great content to obsess over. Smith himself is just as psyched about the release as we are, as he took to Instagram and Twitter  to tease lyrics from the song (with posts like "My mind would rule my heart" and "Needed you to show me, without you I am lonely") and give a shoutout to his musical collaborators. "What a full-circled journey it's been," he wrote. "To be releasing music with my best friends again, feels so right."

Right it is, Sam. Right it is. To celebrate this wonderful and long-awaited occasion, we picked our favorite reasons why "Omen" was worth it all along.

1. First off, the track bangs. Like...bangs. But that we already knew.

2. The Monday morning release was clutch—nothing perks up the start of the week like Disclosure.

3. It's a reprisal of Disclosure's 2012 US breakout hit, "Latch," which means there's all kinds of nostalgia going on.

4. It's the third release from the new album Caracal (after "Holding On" and "Jaded"), and it's only further proof that the new album is going to be off the hook. It's going to be a long wait until September 25.

5. The video is the second in what's expected to be a four-part series that started with the video for "Holding On."  We're still pretty confused as to what the whole thing is actually about, but we're totally digging the futuristic/dystopian theme and the fact that the main character, Mariela, seems to be on the run.

6. This time around Mariela and a mysterious tattoo artist go to a hoppin' underground nightclub in Mexico City. Hordes of hot people grinding together to the sounds of Sam Smith? Sign us up.

7. Speaking of Sam Smith, he looks amazing. The world has been following his dramatic weight loss on Instagram, but this is a chance to see his new bod in (live) action.

8. Disclosure's infamous drawings are back, and this time in the form of the cover art for the Caracal (which, by the way, is a form of wild cat). What does it mean? Maybe just that these four videos will lead up to the release of the entire album, but maybe more than our tiny non-Disclosure brains can fathom.

9. Sam's outfit is on point. Sure, that's not really relevant to the song, but it needed mentioning.

10. The song lyrics don't stray from usual Smithian fare (read: super emotional), but that's exactly what we're looking for. Why else do we listen to the guy if not for all of the feels?

11. The video ends on a total cliffhanger, with the police beginning to swarm the nightclub and "To be continued..." flashed on the screen. That means there are big shoes to fill for the next track release.

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