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On this Sunday's premiere episode of Stewarts & Hamiltons, George Hamilton's 15-year-old son George Jr. drops a baby bombshell!

George, along with Kimberly Stewart and her BFF Dean, go lingerie shopping and conversation quickly turns to George Jr.'s sex-capades.

"Last time we spoke you hadn't done anything with any girls really," Dean says.

"I haven't told dad anything," George Jr. confesses, adding, "but anyways, so there's this junior. And she grabs my hand and she takes me to the nearest bathroom. And we go into the bathroom. In essence, it happened."

"You lost your virginity in a bathroom?!" Kimberly exclaims.

"Yeah," George answers.

"You did use a condom?" Kimberly asks.

"No I didn't," George admits. "If hypothetically she is pregnant and all then I guess I'll have the kid," he adds.

"You're still a kid. You're not even of age to have a kid," an angry Kimberly says. "Seriously. You need to see if she's pregnant."

So what happens? You'll have to tune it to find out!

Watch the premiere of Stewarts & Hamiltons this Sunday at 9 p.m., only on E!

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