Dog, Hotdog Costume

Lyn Alweis/The Denver Post via Getty Images

Is National Hot Dog Day an officially recognized day celebrating a traditional American cuisine? Um, probably not.

However, Twitter and Instagram woke up feeling some type of way over the summertime barbecue staple, and we're not one to complain about excuses to binge-eat while documenting our cheat days for social media.

Can Hot Dog Day and Ice Cream Day and Pizza Day all be the same day, please? ...And by same day, we mean every day of our lives?

The only ones less-than-excited on a themed day like this are the unwilling pets dragged into this for the Instagram likes. Trust us, your dachshund doesn't want to dress as a table meat that you aren't actually going to let it eat.

So instead of sharing the online pics of people devouring 7-Eleven wieners and ballpark franks on National Hot Dog Day, here are the furry friends being trotted out across the Internet this morning for the purpose of making us smile.

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We are so, so sorry, Rover!

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