Making a Scene With James Franco, Game of Thrones

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Jon Snow lives! Sort of.

James Franco doesn't care about any of those pesky "Jon Snow is dead" rumors, even though the cast seems pretty intent on selling us that garbage, because he's clearly gunning to take over the fan-favorite Game of Thrones role himself. Um, Kit Harington, you better watch your back before you're out of a job!

Don't believe us? Check out the new season two promo image for Franco's AOL web series, Making a Scene With James Franco. Not only is Franco sporting that luxurious Jon Snow mane, he's also taking the Iron Throne for himself!

Okay, we know that Harington is the only guy for the role, but can you just imagine what Game of Thrones would look like with Franco as the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch? Just insanity.

Franco's AOL web series Making a Scene premiered last year, focusing on movies for season one. But get ready for an even more epic second season, since Franco is turning his attention to TV shows, including—you guessed it!—Game of Thrones. This photo isn't just for the promos...Franco's taking on HBO's fantasy series in a season two installment. And we could not be more excited.

A premiere date has not yet been set for Making a Scene season two, but expect it to drop online sometime this year.

Now excuse us while we get back to our Kit Harington #HairWatch...because we're pretty sure that this means that Jon Snow isn't actually dead on Game of Thrones. Just let us have this one.

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