Andrew Hawryluk, Chipotle Life

Some may call him strange. Others might just say he's hungry. But we only have one word to describe Andrew Hawryluk.


The 23-year-old Los Angeles animator decided to give up not eating Chipotle every day for Lent, but after Lent ended, he just kept going. Because who would stop?! He's now on day 154, and in an interview with Cosmopolitan, he revealed all the tricks, secrets and menu hacks he learned about the glorious establishment during his Chipotle journey, which he chronicles on his Tumble page Chipotlelife

After $1,567, 110,890 calories and lowered cholesterol (seriously), here's what Andrew wants Chipotle fans to know:

1. Lettuce is the sneaky key to getting free guac.

"If you are ordering it to stay, always get lettuce on top of guacamole. Because nine time out of 10 during the lunch rush, they'll see the lettuce and not see the guacamole under it because it is the same color. So they will just say, 'Oh, chicken bowl with lettuce,' and forget you had the guac and then you get it free. That has been one of my most successful ones," Andrew said, adding he doesn't use that tactic maliciously. 

2. The burrito coin is not a myth!

Andrew Hawryluk, Chipotle Life

Chipotle sent him a care package for his birthday, which included a shirt, Chipotle branded "lip guac" lip balm and the illusive and incredibly rare burrito coin. It's good for one free burrito and Chipotle only gives them out to "loyal, dedicated fans." Since it's so unique and hard to get, most people keep the coins instead of using them.

3. On the go? Rethink the tacos.

"My number-one rule is to never order tacos to go because they will always get super soggy if they are wrapped up," he suggested. 

4. Ask wisely if you want double meat.

"Ask for single meat," he insisted. "When they ask you what kind of meat you want, just say chicken and then once they start moving on to the next station, just say, 'Hey, can I actually get double?' They'll have to bring it back and get you an equivalent scoop because they already showed their hand in how much one scoop is."

5. This is what it looks like when a man eats Chipotle at least once a day for over 100 days:

We approve this diet plan.

6. Not only does the outside of his body look banging, but his health is better than ever.

Andrew had a blood test before his Chipotle journey because he was traveling to Japan, so when he went to the doctor after 82 days of eating there every day, he got to see exactly how his health was impacted. "I lowered my cholesterol," he said. "After I came back, my doctor was like, 'Just keep doing whatever you are doing!' And I was like, 'All right, I will.'"

7. Rude! Apparently the Guinness Book of World Records doesn't recognize his accomplishment.

"I actually contacted Guinness [Book of World Records], just because there are some pretty weird world records out there and I figured, 'Oh, maybe this is one of them,'" he said. "It turns out it wasn't; they denied me."

8. His number one recommendation is a burrito bowl combo that he has named The Impeccabowl.

Andrew Hawryluk, Chipotle Life

Andrew orders his with white rice, chicken, guacamole, and lettuce. He tops it with Tabasco sauce for a meal equaling about 650 calories. He calls it the Impeccabowl because it's filling, delicious and has high nutritional value. He tries to stick to what he calls a "high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carb" diet for the rest of the day.

9. That extra guac will get ya!

Andrew revealed to Cosmo he has coughed up "$250 on guacamole alone in the past 153 days."

10. Eating Chipotle every day has not made him sick of the food.

It's the opposite. Andrew said his appreciate for Chipotle has only deepened. 

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Keep livin' the dream, Andrew! We salute you.

You know who else is a total geek about food? Jennifer Garner!

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